• Travel Requirements Number Matter What the Trip

    my personal favorite thing to do nowadays (outside of hanging out with my family) is traveling; and while I generally boast in my own website about using only a carry-on bag.....there is a list of things I won't ever leave house without, no matter what the trip, and they contain:


    Walking Shoes - The definitely best method to see any town, historical ruin, museum, tourist attraction etc....is on base and to be able to do this you need to be relaxed!!

    Sunscreen - My white freckly Irish skin makes sunscreen a vital, but no matter what your ethnicity, protecting the skin from the harmful rays of sunlight is crucial!!

    Lip Cream and Moisturizer - Long lasting period, but especially in cooler areas, maintaining your body oiled is crucial for comfortable travel.

    Small Toiletry Case - A tiny lightweight toiletry case as possible bring in your purse or in a small carry-on carrier, just in case you or your luggage endeavors off course.

    Head Plugs and Eye Mask - Yet another required for successful vacation is rest and depending on how efficiently everything goes, you never know where you might have to find your 

    A jar of Ibuprofen - As I grow older, an indicator of a great Jesse Grillo is the necessity for Ibuprofen; aching feet, frustration, pains and pains, all signals that you will be using every opportunity and a small toll on the human body!

    3 oz Container of Give r - Never understanding if hand washing is a choice, having a small package ( 3 oz. or less could be moved on an airplane) of a give helps guarantee the foreign insects you experience don't reek damage on your own stomach or normal health.

    Resealable Baggies - The uses for these simple big and little plastic bags are countless; providing, waterproofing, dirty or wet clothes, medications and vitamins, time visits, food, etc.................

    Hat - Yet again for sunlight defense or for warmth. There are always a wide variety of choices with regards to the type of travel but a hat is obviously a necessity (a scarf for cooler weather performs as well)!

    A Vacation Mild - Whether doing "1st School" journey or heading out on a hiking journey, having a tiny lightweight light/headlamp to help steer your way through black corners is not only easy it is far more safe.

    Lightweight Alarm Clock - Eventually whether part of one's arm view or tucked away in a carry-on case, having a computer device to simply help allow you to get going every day can ensure you don't rest your vacation away!

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